A specialist in the hospitality sector

Tectonics has today grown to cater to a niche called the hospitality sector, having successfully ventured into the construction of hotels. Well received interior decoration of star properties have further strengthened our equity in this domain. A total solutions provider, Tectonics has also done showrooms of repute, often undertaking them as turnkey projects.
Integrated Space Design encompassing a range of services

Every component of space design - starting from civil works, plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning to flooring, interiors, furniture and furnishings - is taken care of by our handpicked teams, each specialists in their chosen domain. Tectonics has been the partner of choice for verticals like Hospitality, Retail, Housing and Entertainment. The fact that clients look no further for their next project is proof enough of our delivery capabilities and quality.
Strong foundations of customer service, quality and domain knowledge

At Tectonics there are no compromises on quality. Care is always taken to convince clients about the long term nature of their investments to ensure true value-for-money. The constant updation of knowledge, new materials, techniques and project management gives our customers an edge in the marketplace. We recruit the finest talent available and our experienced workforce, together with experts from the field further contribute to absolute customer satisfaction.
Continuously creating competence

Investing in R&D, latest software, people and facilities is what continuously creates improvement and competence in Tectonics. Our factory, set up along international lines, is geared to bring only world class fittings and solutions to India. The beneficiaries, needless to say, are our present and future clients.